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Our Partners

We manage Digital and Literary storytellers

in the entertainment industry.

Who We Are

NSM is a multi-media management and production company in the entertainment industry using a client-first approach and focusing on content creators & global filmmakers in the digital space.

Social Media Manager

Ashley Cadogan

Founder & Manager/Producer

Isabella Mastrodicasa


Meet the Talent

Known for our diverse, well-rounded roster of stand out digital talent — come get to know them.

We develop & produce engaging content

for traditional and new media.

Recent Press

  • Talent Representation in the digital space with a client-first approach

  • Branded partnerships

  • Content strategy for digital & visual storytellers

  • Authentic & streamlined collaborations crafted on brands & agency needs 

  • Business development and product licensing

  • In person events and public speaking engagements for creators


  • Literary Representation for global writers and directors 

  • Development & Production for Film & TV

  • Public speaking at industry-leading panels and entertainment events

  • Engagement in Hollywood top-tier screenwriting & directing competitions

  • Film school mentorship programs